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Using our own vehicles and drivers ensures we provide an excellent service.

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Brand Protection Electrical

We will guarantee that once we have collected branded waste of any kind, it will be efficiently recycled and will not be evident in the marketplace again.


Offices, Factories, Medical Research Centres, Retail Outlets, Hotels and Warehouses.


For Individuals, Businesses Military/Government/Council Services.

Data Destruction

We Collect I.T. Limited hold all the licenses required for your data destruction needs including ISO 27001:2015 to handle data to Government and Military standard.


Each clearance is handled by uniformed members of staff with all the required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).


If it has a wire or battery we can recycle it. We collect the items from you and ensure that they are recycled legally and environmentally.

Fridge Freezer

All fridge & freezer collections are accompanied by Hazardous Waste paperwork, consigned to our recycling facility. This allows for a paper trail and audit-able recycling service for all items that we recycle.


We Collect I.T. Ltd provides a recycling service for a cross-section of businesses from International Blue Chip Companies to sole traders and take pride in our ability to meet each of our Client’s needs.

Jewellery Recycling

Collection is made from our customers, with the jewellery separated by hand, crushed by machine and disposed of with our trusted smelting companies returning any precious metals for reuse.

TV & Monitor

Each process involves a secure collection, using We Collect vetted staff, in our own satellite tracked vehicles. All TV and Monitor collections are accompanied by Hazardous Waste paperwork and consigned to our recycling facility.